Research Scientists

Damien Lightfoot

Research Scientist​​

Research Interest: Plant molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Plant physiology, Genomics

Fouad Lemtiri-Chlieh

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Electrophysiology, Sodium transport, Signal transduction pathways

Magdalena Julkowska

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Root architecture, Plant Architecture, High throughput phenotyping

Rita Bartossek

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Biotechnology, metagenomics as tool for analysis of novel enzymes of complex communities, microbial ecology, comparative genomics, next generation sequencing, adaptation to extreme environments in plants

Sonia Negrao

Research Scientist

Yung Shwen Ho

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Plant genomics, Bioinformatics, Big Data Visualization, Computational Biology

Postdoctoral Fellows

Bo Li

Postdoctoral Fellow​

Research Interest: Bioinformatics, Anion Transport, Plant molecular biology

David Jarvis

Post-doctoral fellow ​

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Adaptation, Genomics, Biotechnology

Gordon Wellman

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Research Interest: Plant Abiotic stress tolerance, Transcriptomic, Genome sequencing, Salinity, Biotechnology

Moonsun Hwang

Research Interest: Molecular biology, Biochemistry

Octavio Salazar

​Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Halophytes, Tissue Tolerance, Saponins

Sandra Schmöckel

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Ion transport, Crop science, Barley, Plant Science

Shawkat Ali

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Signalling, Genetic engineering

PhD Students

Mashael D. Alqahtani

Research Interest: Plant physiology, Genetic engineering, Molecular biology

Mitchell Morton

Research Interest: Plant physiology, Salinity tolerance, Plant genetics, Molecular biology, Crop improvement, Salinity tolerance in tomato plants, Wild relatives of tomato, Galapagos tomatoes

Nadia Al-Tamimi

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Molecular biology, Plant genomics

Nouf Alshareef

Research Interest: Abiotic Stress, Salt Stress, Heat Stress, Transcription Factors, Gene Regulatory Network

Masters Students

Arne Scheu

Ms Student
Research Group: Mark Tester​​​

Eunje Kim

Masters Student
Research Group: Mark Tester

Hana Kanee

Ms Student
Research Group: Mark Tester

Jose Otero

Visiti​ng Student
Research Group: Mark Tester

Savannah Stark

Visiti​ng Student
Research Group: Mark Tester

Research Group Staff

Bhagya Girjia

Lab Support Technician

Research Interest: Women's health, Cardiovascular & Neuro physiology

Fangfang Wu

Lab Technician

Igor Silva

The Salt Lab coordinator

Jyoti Dubey

Greenhouse Technician

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Applied molecular and cellular biology, Plant molecular biology

Khadija Zemmouri

Greenhouse Technician​

Lijun Li

Greenhouse Technician​

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance

Lila Ali Aldakheel

Greenhouse Technician

Rameesha M. Parambil

​Lab Technician at the Salt Lab
Research Group: Mark Tester

Shireen Hammoud

Lab Technician

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance

Sundus Bukhari

Lab Technician

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance