Research Scientists

  • Research Scientist

    Research Interest: Plant Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, plant physiology, genomics
  • Research Scientist

    Research Interest: Electrophysiology, Sodium transport, Signal transduction pathways
    Bld. 2, Lev. 4, Office 4272
  • ​ 
    Building 2, Level 3, Sea Side, Office 3231-WS06
  • Research Scientist

    Research Interest: Plant genomics, Bioinformatics, Big Data Visualization, Computational Biology
    Building 2, Level 2, Office 3326-WS13

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Postdoctoral Fellow​

    Research Interest: Bioinformatics, Anion Transprot, Plant Molecular Biology
    Bld.2, Lev.3, Desert Side, 3287-WS10
  • Moonsun Hwang
    Research Interest: Molecular biology, Biochemistry
    Bld. 2, Lev. 3, Desert side, 3287-WS15
  • Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, signalling, genetic engineering
    Bld. 2, Lev. 3, Sea Side, WS-3231-WS17

Research Group Staff

  • Lab Technician
    Bld. 2, Lev. 3, Sea Side
  • Igor Silva

    The Salt Lab coordinator

  • Greenhouse Technician

    Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, applied molecular and cellular biology, plant molecular biology
  • khadija zemmouri

    Greenhouse Technician

    Bld. 6, Level 0
  • Greenhouse Technician​

    Research Interest: Salinity tolerance
    Bld. 2, Lev. 3, Desert Side, 3287-WS13
  • Lab Technician

    Research Interest: Salinity tolerance
  • Lab Technician

    Research Interest: Salinity tolerance