Gabriele Fiene

Research Group Staff

Research Specialist

Selected Publications

  • Genetic diversity for root plasticity and nitrogen uptake in wheat seedlings. Vanessa J. Melino , Gabriele Fiene , Akiko Enju , Jinhai Cai, Peter Buchner  and Sigrid Heuer. Functional Plant Biology -

  • Arabidopsis COP1 and SPA genes are essential for plant elongation but not for accelaration of flowering time in response to a low red light to far-red light ratio. Sebastian Rolauffs, Petra Fackendahl, Jan Sahm, Gabriele and Ute Hoecker. Plant Physiology 2012 Dec 23;160(4):2015-27 Epub 2012 Oct 23

  • Arabidopsis repressor of light signaling SPA1 acts in the phloem to regulate seedling de-etiolation, leaf expansion and flowering time. Aashish Ranjan, Gabriele Fiene, Petra Fackendahl, Ute Hoecker. Development 2011 May 29; 138(9):1851-62. Epub 2011 Ma
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