North America

Prof. Michael Purugganan's research group is intrested on the evolutionary forces that act in plant developmental networks at the species level, and in mapping and isolating genes that underlie natural variation in that are responsible for plant adaptation. They are also interested in exploring the “ecological transciptome” – the dynamic gene networks found in plants in ecological environments.

Dr. El-Basyoni is working on implementing and optimizing genomic selection for the UNL Wheat Breeding Program.  His research focuses on comparing genotyping platforms for genomic prediction and optimal resource allocation for genomic selection in plant breeding. 

Prof. Sean Cutler's research group is focused on two interrelated research interests– the use of chemical genetics to identify new factors that regulate Arabidopsis cell expansion and the analysis and exploitation of natural variation using small molecules.

Prof. Wolf's research group goal is to carry out a comparative analysis of carbon and nitrogen transport and metabolism and its regulation using a fluxomics approach. FRET sensors are used to measure the effect of individual genes (in high throughput) on flux.