Dr. Alexander Johnson's lab is using biotechnology to generate new cereal varieties that load increased concentrations of Fe into the grain -an approach known as “biofortification.” I also have interests in stress physiology and lead up the Melbourne node of the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics.
Dr. Anton van den Hengel's Current research interests include interactive image-based modelling, large-scale video surveillance, and image-based search of multi-million image databases.

Dr. Bettina research is focused on automated non-destructive phenotyping of cereals for forward genetic discovery of genetic basis underlying variation in salinity tolerance traits.

Dr. Chris Brien's main research interest is the design and analysis of experiments, particularly the class of experiments has termed multitiered. He is also interested in the formulation of mixed models for the analysis of designed experiments, including the analysis of longitudinal experiments.

Prof. James is intrested on the physiology of metal uptake and transport in plants and abiotic stress tolerance.

Dr. Justin Borevitz  is intrested on the Genome Wide Association Studies in Arabidopsis and next generation genotyping by sequencing in emerging model organisms.
Dr. Gilliham's research focuses specifically on calcium (Ca2+) storage and signalling in plants, and salt (Na+ and Cl-) tolerance.
Prof. Peter research areas include the development and application of molecular biology to crop improvement.
Dr. Rana Munns is working to understand the genetic and physiological basis of salt tolerance in plants, particularly in wheat.
Dr. Richard James is part of the High Performance Crops for Australia group at CSIRO Plant Industry. He is working to improve the salt tolerance of wheat and barley, and to improve phosphorous use efficiency in wheat.
Dr. Robert Furbank aims to improve crop yield and product quality by researching carbon partitioning and photosynthesis.
Dr. Stuart Roy's research group focuses on creating crop plants that grow better on saline soils. Roy's group  has a number of projects all aimed at obtaining a better understanding of the processes involved in the transportation of Na+ through a plant and the mechanisms involved in activating such pathways.
Dr. Xavier Sirault applies his unique skills as an agricultural engineer and research plant scientist to dissect complex quantitative traits in plants and model their expression and plasticity under dynamic environments.